Healed by Christian Science

Valley Mirror

Curiosity, not expectation of benefit, led me to study Christian Science. I looked suspiciously upon it, and upon its adherents as fanatics. As for healing, I supposed the incantations of a savage about as likely to be profitable. A careful study of its text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker G. Eddy, led me to revise my opinion. If only the tithe of the teaching of this book be true, I thought, it is no wonder I am a sick man, for it is the opposite of all I have thought, believed, said, and done all my life. But is it true? was the important query. To have lifelong convictions about matter, spirit, body, soul, health, disease, medicine, mortality, causation, etc., ruthlessly bowled down like skittles, staggered me.

Had my health been robust I should likely have left about then. But as it was very bad, I turned to Science and Health again and studied earnestly and continuously, as my feebleness permitted. Reserving for later study abstract propositions and perplexing passages, I turned my mind upon its plainer, and to me, then, more practical teaching. Presently a fascination for the book grew upon me. Illumination began to come. Its truths now reached rapidly the depths of my being and changed the basis of my thinking. Thought reconstruction commenced and its new ideals led me to look to the within rather than to the without. A new consciousness dawned upon me. With increasing diligence and interest I pursued the study, assimilated and digested its truths until its teaching became a part of my daily life and thoughts. With my acceptance of the truths of Christian Science, as expounded in Science and Health, and their incorporation into my intellectual and moral nature, my pains and aches vanished one after another. Insomnia disappeared. My step, so long infirm, is now firm and elastic. Heart spasms are gone; no morphine injections wanted; appetite returned; happiness returned; life is now worth living. As I grow older I feel younger.

The Lectures
March 1, 1900

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