The Immutable Promises

Some Christians, as in time of trial they look at one of God's promises, are like an old man, a friend of mine, when he first looked upon the narrow suspension bridge just overhanging the falls of Niagara, with the raging, foaming water far beneath. That bridge is strong enough to support one thousand tons; but it is so light, and airy, and slender in appearance, that my inexperienced friend was really afraid at first to trust his one hundred and fifty pounds upon it.

My Christian friend you must remember that one of God's cables never breaks—light and spirituelle though it seems, it never sways beneath the greatest weight. Trust your life upon it then. Trust without fear or the slightest reserve. Trust your whole life upon it. What is your weight upon one of the eternal promises of the eternal and Almighty God? It is like a grain of sand set against the vast world in the balances; it is like a hummingbird perched on the peak of Mt. Washington; it is like a feather resting upon the broad bosom of the Atlantic ocean. The ocean shall evaporate in mist, the mountain shall melt away, and the great earth shall be destroyed at last, but "the word of our God shall stand forever."

"Little Children, Love One Another."
March 1, 1900

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