Spiritual safety on and off the slopes

© Dynamic Graphics/Liquid Library/Thinkstock Prayer is wide-reaching and wonderfully inclusive. It brings the effects of good to all people and on all things. When we pray for God’s protection we may not even recognize all the ways in which we have been protected. Hymn 53 in the Christian Science Hymnal reads in part, “Everlasting arms of Love / Are beneath, around, above.” God’s loving embrace leaves no room for any fearful thoughts or harmful action. It reminds us of the allness of God’s goodness, which protects us even in unexpected circumstances.

For several years, I have had the joy of being a chaperone for a group of Christian Science teens for a winter ski weekend in New England. We go to a resort in New Hampshire to ski, sled, and play in the snow together. The teens swim in the indoor pool, warm up in the hot tub, and quickly get out to take a picture of swimmers “steaming off” in the snow. We have a bonfire on the lake and hold inspirational talks about healing, prayer, and the practical application of Christian Science. The travel, activity, and harmony of the weekend is always prayerfully supported by the parents, teens, and chaperones, as well as a Christian Science practitioner.

'Take a step back' and ask God
April 9, 2012

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