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I want to express my appreciation for Greg Jarvis’s article “Stability during the housing crisis” [March 19 Sentinel].

Let's see some ID

Your driver’s license or ID card probably lists lots of factors that are considered to be part of your identity: age, gender, hair and eye color, height, and so forth.
Mary Baker Eddy established a unique system for “self-instruction in Christian Science” through the Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
Items of Interest
University of Massachusetts senior Dorothy Polatin has one hope for her capstone, a research-intensive thesis or project required of all honors students.
Items of Interest
California’s so-called “Medicare for all” bill has died.
Many folks want to serve God, but only as advisors.

You are God's song

Our real, spiritual identity is safe and secure in God–and He's always "singing" us.
Excerpts from a Web chat with Christian Science teacher and practitioner Ginny Luedeman.

Who are you, really?

Characteristics or spiritual qualities? What really makes you, "you"?

Lost and found

A man prays to clarify what defines him after he loses a crucial ID card.

You are not a number

I teach English to adults who are learning it as a second language.

'That's the way I am'

The conversation comes to a halt when somebody states the platitude, “Well, that’s the way I am,” often followed by “It runs in the family.

Unable to send

From a text message comes a lesson about divinely inspired communication.
This author sees the effectiveness of protective prayer on a ski weekend.
He stops wondering what he's doing wrong and gains momentum in his prayers.

Stop sign

When you don’t know why you’re so upset—none of your needs seem to be met.
A Sunday School student shares what Church and Christ mean to her.
Church Alive

Church-related healings

A few years ago when I was serving as First Reader, I began to feel very ill during a Wednesday testimony meeting and had to lean on the lectern for support.
Spiritual Focus on Books

Meeting God again and again

"God is engaged with everything that matters, even when we aren't."
You Can Be a Healer

'I wanted to learn more'

The thought kept coming to me that I should start leaning more on God.
Sentinel Watch
Turning to the light of the Christ, we are safe from becoming "numb" or mesmerized into thinking that a problem is more powerful than God.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Man's oneness or "at-one-ment with God," is illustrated in healings.
Testimony of Healing

Burned hand quickly healed

Though I have been a Christian Scientist most of my life, my inspiration and understanding have been greatly increased by the wonderful Internet outreach avenues from The Mother Church, including the online testimony meetings and the articles on ChristianScience.
Testimony of Healing


I was ready to go home after attending a happy evening to celebrate my oldest grandson’s twenty-first birthday.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of conjunctivitis

One day, at the beginning of the week, I woke up and could not open one of my eyes.
From the Editors
All are under God's government and can respond to His love.

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