The healing power of the Lord’s Prayer

First published in Le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne, the French edition of The Herald of Christian Science.

Many people around the world have proved the healing power of the Lord’s Prayer left to us by Jesus Christ. Indeed, this prayer brings peace, joy, and blessings to everyone. Let me tell you about a healing I obtained because of it.

One morning last year, I was alone at home. The children had left for school and my wife for work. I was sitting in an armchair in the living room and had just finished studying the Christian Science Bible Lesson on my laptop. During this study, I had leaned forward toward the computer screen and when I finished, I tried to sit up. I felt a sharp pain in my hip and it became very difficult to move. Every movement accentuated the pain. Although I was finally able to lean back into the chair, the discomfort continued. I wanted to lie flat on the ground, but that was impossible. I was sorry that my wife was not there to help me through prayer. I was finally able to lie down on the ground and I picked up the phone to ask a friend, a Christian Science practitioner, for help.

Testimony of Healing
Head and wrist injury healed
August 29, 2011

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