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Priscilla Schmidt’s article “Church home—found” in the June 6 issue [“Your unlimited potential”] so beautifully tells how the “little” church of which the author is a member generously exemplified/exemplifies the true meaning of church to its new attendees and its flock.

God’s gift to you

Who hasn’t at times felt like joining hands with Shakespeare’s Hamlet in crying for dominion over the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
Items of Interest
A new Ipsos MORI [a leading market research company in the UK and Ireland] poll has found that religion still matters to most people in the world.
Items of Interest
Like many of us, I’m interested in learning about efforts to improve health care in America.

God gave you dominion

We can confidently acknowledge and apply God's law to every detail of our lives.
Go right up that hill of prayer and recognize the beauty of your present dominion!

Safe from attack

As God's expression, we aren't vulnerable or susceptible to attacks of any kind.
I live in a congested area in a busy city.

When opportunity knocks

A commitment to serving God helps us recognize our true, divine employment.
Read how this writer prayed when she longed to feel settled and secure.

endless moments

at this momenti’m aware of protection, of enfoldment in Love;She is the source of my being, i’m aware i can know only Love.
Not one of His spiritual ideas, man or woman—can ever be outside His comfort and care.

Staying in touch

The President of The Mother Church, Marta Greenwood, of London, England, is not only a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, but also serves on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Soccer season kickoff

A teen shares his healing experience during a soccer game.
Two kids tell their summer camp stories.
How I Found Christian Science
Getting to know God, divine good, through reading two books, the Bible and Science and Health, would not only help me but heal me.
Sentinel Watch
We recognize that every courageous move towards peaceful coexistence is grounded in a larger spiritual reality that we have one Father.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

You are the beloved of God

Because we are so loved, so equipped by Love, we are impelled to share it.
Testimony of Healing

Urinary condition healed

Several years ago, I was doing some heavy, physical work.
Testimony of Healing
For many years I was frustrated with dental and teeth problems despite having good hygiene and taking care of my teeth daily.
Testimony of Healing

The healing power of the Lord’s Prayer

Many people around the world have proved the healing power of the Lord’s Prayer left to us by Jesus Christ.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago I decided it was time to move from my rental apartment and buy my own house.
From the Editors

Be one of those

Everyone can follow Jesus’ example. 

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