TO EXPECT PROGRESS in everything you do is really important to me. Sometimes it's so easy to think you're stuck in a relationship problem, with a class at school, or with your performance in a sport. But I've found that with God, you can only—and always—go forward.

I'm a huge multitasker, and like most of my friends I have a very busy schedule, but the daily time I set aside for prayer—even if it's just five or ten minutes—is absolutely vital to me. Since I was raised in Christian Science, turning to prayer for solutions to all sorts of challenges has become a natural response for me. And I've had a few experiences that have especially inspired me and made me even more dedicated to studying this Science.

For instance, about four years ago I severely injured my ankle while I was doing karate. I had been studying karate since I was eight, and I was really into it—in fact, I was just a few days away from taking my red belt test, which is the belt earned just before the black belt (the highest belt you can achieve). I'd set myself up to jump in the air and kick a bag, but instead I landed on my ankle and heard a loud crack. As I lay on the floor, devastated and in pain, one of the instructors came over to examine my foot. His other job happened to be in a hospital as a nurse, so after examining my foot, he feared I'd broken my ankle.

September 18, 2006

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