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The night I prayed for a possum

ONE night my mom was driving home when she saw an animal that had been run over by the car ahead of her. She slowed down to see what it was. It was a little baby possum. My mom went home and got my dad. They went back to get the possum. With his gloves on, my dad picked up the possum, put him in a box, and brought him home.

At first we thought he was dead because he was so very still. But when we looked care fully, we noticed that he was breathing and was just playing possum. It was the possum's way of protecting himself. His leg was badly injured and he wasn't able to move. I knew we needed to pray for him. I began to write spiritual truths about God and him on little pieces of paper. Then I taped the papers all over his box. Some of the papers said, "God is Love." "God is with you." "You are the spiritual idea of God." "God made you perfect."

Dear Sentinel
August 2, 1999

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