Prayer results in ample employment and supply

A few years ago, I felt very inspired to begin a new career that would mean becoming self-employed and not being able to rely on a steady income for a while. Although my husband was having difficulty finding full-time work, it seemed right to move ahead in this new direction. Within a few weeks, all of our money was gone, and my husband lost all hope of finding work. My original confidence and optimism were gone, replaced with fear and doubt.

I spent many hours praying about our financial obligations, trying to listen to God for answers. At one point, I began to think about Mary Baker Eddy's explanation of the word oil. It is found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: "Oil. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration" (p. 592).

I was familiar with the Bible account of Elisha and the widow (see II Kings, chap. 4). In this story, the widow's creditors were coming to take her sons into slavery, as she wasn't able to pay her expenses after her husband died. But when she asked the prophet Elisha for help, he encouraged her to borrow some empty containers and fill them with the only thing she had in the house: oil in a pot! The oil filled all the containers she borrowed, and the money she got from selling it took care of her debts and sustained her and her sons.

Testimony of Healing
Knee pain fully healed
April 5, 1999

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