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Ending scary dreams

My eyes were wide-open even though it was the middle of the night. Only a moment before I woke up, wolves were chasing me—again—and they had come very close to catching me. As long as I could remember, I'd had nightmares that woke me up, but now they happened more often and felt more real than before.

As I lay there in bed with my covers pulled up over my head, I thought I could still hear the wolves' feet hitting the ground. I called out to my mother in the next room to come to my bedside. I asked her to listen to the footsteps, too.

My mom hugged me and talked with me about God's love for me. She told me that there were no wolves in my room, and that even if there were, they could not hurt me. Because God made everything and He created it good, perfect, and harmonious, His ideas could not and would not harm each other. The sounds of footsteps stopped right then, and I fell back to a peaceful sleep for the rest of the night.

Dear Sentinel
April 5, 1999

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