Peace restored between a mother and her son

The law of Love heals relationships.

A MOTHER I KNOW had an office in her home where she conducted most of her business over the telephone. The bulk of her calls came in the morning hours. A problem occurred when her son, who is an adult, suddenly began making numerous phone calls at the same time she needed to be handling her work. When she appealed to him to be thoughtful of her incoming calls, she was met with a rebuff and a willful assertion of his perceived rights.

She really could not afford another phone line at the time, and this imposition seemed unjustified. She panicked for just a moment as she thought of the calls that were not coming through to her, calls that affected other people as well. In fact, she felt a good bit of steam rising to the surface with even the thought of the injustice. This certainly was unlike the loving consideration that normally governed both of them. Where was love at that moment?

At that point she stopped looking for an expression of personal love from her son. She simply prayed to know that God's law of love was in operation, governing the thoughts and actions of both her and her son. In just moments, he ran up the stairs and said he would pay for an additional phone line to be installed, and in a few days it was. After that, this son began to assume more and more responsibility for his own life, and eventually moved into his own home, which he was able to buy entirely on his own.

To drink, or not to drink
November 29, 1999

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