Recovery from depression and physical illness

A couple years ago I was very depressed and out of sorts, and my body became almost paralyzed with pain. I had no appetite. This went on for several days. I was having treatment through prayer from a Christian Science practitioner, but I was in such a mental turmoil that I couldn't see my way out. I told my husband that I should probably go to a care facility for Christian Scientists, since I was not able to get around very well. He assured me that I was already in my right place—that is, I was already dwelling in the light of spiritual harmony, the light of Truth. I'm so grateful for his steadfastness!

Some of the ideas the practitioner shared with me made me realize that divine Life, God, is the source and presence of my indestructible and perfect existence. I am not in a false sense of life, called a sick human mind and sick human body, but live vibrantly, healthily, and joyously in Spirit. Our joy and health are spiritual because all we are or have is from God, infinite substance and power. The practitioner helped me see that I was not trying to achieve joy, vitality, or health separate from divine Principle, but that all of me is unfolding within Mind, Spirit, Life. I was referred to the Bible passage where Christ Jesus declared, "Your joy no man taketh from you" (John 16:22).

Testimony of Healing
Injuries from a fall quickly overcome
February 9, 1998

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