No soap operas in heaven

When life seems full of sadness, we can turn to an all-knowing God for the true story.

Soap operas. We laugh at them. We ignore them. Or, perhaps, we watch them. Many people are amused at their often silly lines and stereotyped roles. But many others become drawn to the sinister plots and unhappy characters of these shows.

Sometimes our own lives may seem like real-life soap operas. We may feel bombarded by troubles—health, financial, or, most in keeping with "the soaps," personal relationship difficulties. At such times, troubles are no laughing matter. They are very serious and need to be dealt with. Christian Science, in keeping with the life and teachings of Christ Jesus, shows us how to surmount challenges of all sorts and bring spiritual light to a dark situation.

Do we need to pay the penalty?
October 14, 1991

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