My grandparents were Christian Scientists, our grandchildren...

My grandparents were Christian Scientists, our grandchildren are Christian Scientists, and everyone in between can say the same. It has been a religion, a church, a way of life, which has "worked" for each of us. It's difficult to compress five generations of gratitude into one brief testimony, but I'll try.

We were told, when our son was two years old, that he would have to wear thick glasses all of his life because he had an astigmatism which was severe. For those who might be laboring long with a problem, take heart. This healing did not come overnight, but it did come. His father and I prayed consistently for him with an expectancy that at some point he would see without glasses. This was not an uninformed faith. It was faith based on a spiritual understanding of God, cultivated by daily study of the Bible, which is replete with accounts of spiritual healing, and the study of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, a book that had explained those Biblical healings to us. The boy was fully healed.

One evening our oldest daughter was struck with paralysis and loss of vision. We called a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer, and the family prayed together. Our daughter's vision returned, the major part of the paralysis lifted, and the pain disappeared within thirty minutes of the call to the practitioner. Total restoration of the use of her hands took place prior to morning, and there has been no recurrence of this difficulty. Again, the one thread of consistency I recall from this healing was an absolute expectancy of healing. That expectancy was supported by an understanding of God's power as explained in Christian Science and a refusal to believe that God's plan for His children could be one of incapacitation of any kind.

January 14, 1991

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