A better response

Sometimes people who ought to be friends, aren't. But things can change for the better—with some prayer on our part.

The scene was this: I was a young student beginning his first year of high school. It was an exciting time with many interesting things to do and new friends to make. But unfortunately there were also some bigger guys from a higher grade who always picked on me. They would tease me, make jokes about my clothes, my size, my desire to do well in school. I didn't know how to respond to this; I wanted to avoid them and I wanted the verbal attacks to stop.

Recognize this type of story? Have you been in a similar situation? Perhaps in a different setting but with the same feeling of frustration and futility. Or perhaps you are one of a group that is being targeted. Is there a happy ending to this story?

How does spiritual healing happen?
January 14, 1991

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