One evening I accidentally grasped the handle of an iron...

One evening I accidentally grasped the handle of an iron frying pan that was in a very hot oven. The pain was intense, and the palm of my hand became quite red. Earlier a lot of thought had been given to God's allness — the truth that He is ever present and fills all space. This means that there is no place for anything unlike good to be. Because I am completely surrounded by His love at all times, His love is the only thing that can really touch me. Nothing can interrupt God's love for His idea.

I remembered the Bible story of the three Hebrews who were put in the fiery furnace. They felt the ever-presence of God's love and were completely protected from harm so that not even "the smell of fire had passed on them" (Dan. 3:27). In a short time the pain and redness completely disappeared, and the hand was healed.

March 5, 1979

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