What God wants

People who love God want to do what He wants them to do. But what does He want? Sometimes in great earnestness or even desperation we turn to Him and pray, "Father, what would You have me do? I'll follow whatever path You lay out for me."

Such humble willingness to yield to His will often indicates a state of thought that is receptive to good. But this is only a modest beginning if we expect to truly yield to Him. Christian Science teaches us what God wants of us in every instance. He wants—in fact, by His very nature He absolutely requires—perfection. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If we think that we can persuade God to tell us which direction to take or what decision to make humanly, we need to learn more about who God is, what our relationship to Him is, and what He actually requires of us. As this understanding expands, divine direction comes to light. God is infinite, unchanging Principle. He is Truth itself. His presence is the vivid and unchallenged ever presence of perfection. God is All, and His perfection has no exceptions. Man is at one with God; he expresses the pure and unadulterated perfection of Principle. Man—the true man that God made and permanently maintains—is never in a position of uncertainty, indecision, fear. He never has to select from a set of options—some being right and others perhaps wrong. Man simply expresses the constant and eternally expanding laws of Principle.

March 13, 1978

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