My family owns a little airplane

My family owns a little airplane. Whenever I went up in it, I would get sick. This made me afraid to fly. So, my mom and I started to pray—to know the truth. We knew that God didn't make anyone to be sick and that there is no such thing as sickness. We understood God makes His children spiritual and perfect. The next time I went flying, I didn't get sick and I haven't gotten sick since.

Another time, at school, we had to do a big report. One day my friend opened her book where her papers were kept, and they weren't there. I am the only Christian Scientist in my school. I knew I could help. I started to pray. I knew that God is allknowing. Divine Love never loses anything. A few minutes later one of my other friends came up to me and said that she had found one of the papers in a garbage can. I went to the garbage can and looked in, and there were all the missing papers.

Testimony of Healing
My world was dark when Christian Science found me
March 13, 1978

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