Jumping with joy

To gain a fuller understanding of God, which frees from limitation and fear, one must undertake a deep, serious study of Christian Science. But this need not be a tedious experience, nor need our learning be confined to books. Every activity in our lives can be used to point the way, increasing our comprehension of Truth by providing wonderful opportunities for practicing what we have learned. In using Christian Science to help me in the exacting, competitive sport of free-fall parachuting, I've also found that many of my skydiving experiences are analogous to my demonstration of Science, showing me how to apply its rules more effectively.

One thing that may confront a parachutist is fear. He must overcome this fear quickly, or it will overcome him. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health, "We should master fear, instead of cultivating it." Science and Health, p. 197; We cultivate fear and cause it to grow by seeing a reason for it; by accepting fear as our own, calling it "my" fear; by magnifying it; and by seeing it in others.

Women fight or acquiesce?
March 13, 1978

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