Prayer reveals reality

Prayer is reaching out to God. Not that He is far away. He is here. He is the Mind that is infinite, universal Love, the substance of all reality. But human thinking is finite, too small, and not always loving. Through prayer it must expand spiritually so we can feel our unity with God and become more aware of the goodness He is always imparting to His children.

In reality God's child is already perfect and has never left home, the heavenly consciousness of divine Truth. A perfect God couldn't make an imperfect man; nor could divine Love be alienated from its manifestation. But from our present standpoint we do not consistently know our true selves or Him, and it often takes much prayer and regeneration to bring the facts of our spiritual perfection and inseparability from God uppermost in thought and to overcome the limited sense that we have a personal mind separate from God. Of course, what we are called upon to overcome through prayer doesn't belong to reality. A sense of separation from God, good, is error, not the truth of being.

Jumping with joy
March 13, 1978

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