Over eleven years ago I became quite ill and called my boss to...

Over eleven years ago I became quite ill and called my boss to tell him I wasn't feeling well. The next two days I had the same report for him. My physical condition seemed to be deteriorating, although I was unable to explain what my problem was, as I had no diagnosis. By the following week I was unable to hold down my food. When I called my boss the next week, I felt I had to give him something he could convey to his superior. I said that it appeared to be an ulcer.

I was having prayerful treatment in Christian Science. Since the healing had not come as rapidly as other healings had in the previous fifteen years, the suggestion came that maybe a diagnosis would facilitate the practitioner's work. However, the practitioner assured me this would not be true. Labeling the illusion only makes the belief in the condition more tenacious.

After some six weeks my situation appeared hopeless from a human point of view. I had become very thin and weak. A few more days passed, and I felt I could not live through another night. As hard as it was to do, I told my wife this. I had no fear for my own life (as I was certain that actually I was immortal). I was, however, very distressed at leaving my wife and two young children. Having confided in her, I couldn't hold back the tears. Fortunately, my wife had no fear, no human will. She trusted God completely, and understood the method of Christ-healings. I have learned since how important her confidence and faith were.

Testimony of Healing
My family owns a little airplane
March 13, 1978

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