The book that detects and protects

We know that the Bible is the Word of God, of Truth, because of its effect on people's lives. There is an inherent spiritual dynamism in the Scriptures that sets them apart from all other literature. The great Bible characters were not theorists. They were doers of the Word. In the main they lived what they taught, and the record of their teaching and doing makes the Bible a living, usable guide for us all. Bible study purifies thought, not only by helping us to detect the evil that needs correcting but by imparting the spiritual strength to destroy evil —thus protecting us from its harmful effects on health and harmony.

Those who study the Bible in the light of Christian Science may read the same verses a thousand times, but these never become trite or tiresome. This is because the text is imbued with the vitality of Truth, and prayerful study lifts thought to a purifying and protecting awareness of God's love, presence, and power. It turns the searchlight of Truth on the uncorrected errors that plague human life, and destroys them.

An open guide to Life
November 27, 1978

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