I had been wondering what God was, and what the relationship...

I had been wondering what God was, and what the relationship was between God and man. The first clear answer came when I lived with a family of Christian Scientists. To come to know that man in his perfection, as reflection of God, declares the presence of God is one of many satisfying and provable answers that the study of Christian Science has since brought me.

An early healing I recall was of an eye infection, possibly from an insect bite. The eye had become swollen. I stayed home from work for one day, but because of the discomfort I couldn't settle down to study to help myself. However, I was offered Mary Baker Eddy's autobiography, Retrospection and Introspection. It so held my attention that I read it all day. Next day, although the picture of myself in the mirror seemed to show no improvement, I felt I was well enough to work and should return to the office. I was afraid my office colleagues would chide me for not doing anything medically about the condition, since they knew I was a Christian Scientist. On my way to work I reasoned that sight is a spiritual faculty. It is not possible to see error. Any condition that cannot be the outcome of divine Love I had learned to call error. I could expect others to see me through spiritual sense, to see me as I really am, as God has created me. My office friends greeted me with, "Isn't it a lot better!" Later that morning the eye was quite normal.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has always been my way of life but has...
November 27, 1978

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