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The How of Mind-healing

In speaking to an audience at Tremont Temple in Boston in 1885, Mrs. Eddy dealt with questions regarding her discovery of Christian Science. She stated the questions and then answered them. One key question was, "How is the healing done in Christian Science?" Miscellaneous Writings, p. 96;

Those turning to Science for healing often ask this question, "How is the healing done?" What they are really asking is: "How can I demonstrate the healing power of this teaching? How can I use it effectively in my own life?" The Bible and the writings of Mrs. Eddy make the how of Mind-healing understandable and demonstrable. And those investigating this interesting and rewarding subject soon find it is certainly not a form of mind control or faith healing. Mrs. Eddy began her answer to the question quoted by correcting the view that Christian Science healing is any kind of thought transference. On the contrary, it is true Mind-healing; it is the action of the divine Mind on human thinking and living. It differs radically from thought control or mind cure, both of which look to the human mind to correct itself or to extricate itself from its own mistakes and troubles.

April 23, 1977

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