Spectators of Reality

Reality is spiritual. How can we see it? Through spiritual sense. The personal senses are not spectators of reality. Spiritual sense is. When the senses apparently see good and goodness, they are actually being subordinated to spiritual sense, which is constantly conscious of divine good.

Spiritual sense is accessible to each of us, so we can all be spectators—in an active sense, of course—of reality. Spiritual sense is not jailed in the finite world of matter nor barred within the confines of mortal thought. Free, it roams the world of divine Life. Spiritual sense is not a mortal faculty, and mortal conditions can never curtail it. Spiritual sense has its roots in the divine Mind, which is all-seeing and all-knowing. Spiritual sense is aware of no corrosion or erosion, nothing destructive or destroyed. Spiritual sense is needed to understand Christian Science. And Christian Science, in turn, fortifies our sense of the spiritual.

Rousing the Patient
April 23, 1977

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