Discord of every kind is a lie, so...

Don't Be Impressed by Disease!

We all knew the simulated avalanche was unreal. Our tour guide had explained the event ahead of time. But even so, after our tram had entered the revolving plastic cylinder, I could easily have believed I was falling down steep crevasses. Just as the tour guide had promised, however, when I closed my eyes the falling sensation stopped immediately, and I could feel that we were in fact still progressing forward on a horizontal track. Moments later we all emerged from this tunnel of special visual and sound effects.

I have always been grateful for this unmistakable illustration of the unreliability and illusory nature of physical sense testimony. As a Christian Scientist, I was reminded again of the necessity of turning completely away from the story told by the material senses, in order to gain the spiritual facts of being. Disease, for example, is only an illusion. But its symptoms can appear so real and its name sound so frightening that if we're not alert we can find ourselves accepting it as real and in control.

Not Luck!
April 23, 1977

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