One day last winter while walking to the mailbox, down an icy...

One day last winter while walking to the mailbox, down an icy slope to the street below, I fell on my back. The impact was severe. I had to lie still and catch my breath. During this time I declared my unity with God and His allness, as His child. I then arose, picked up the mail, and returned home. Some hours later I began to feel effects from the fall. The upper portion of my back and chest were in distress. For several days I prayed faithfully, but I did not get better; if anything, things seemed worse. I decided to approach the problem differently.

I began by examining my thought, feelings, and reactions in general. In all honesty I found I really needed a good mental overhauling, a regeneration. The physical condition was compelling me to exercise patience with myself. Too often I had neglected to be patient with myself and in my dealings with family and associates. Now my movements were often slow; sometimes I had to pray before I could move at all. I was learning to be patient, compassionate, and forgiving of others. I sorely needed this discipline and I was grateful for it because it meant being more Godlike.

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March 12, 1977

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