Don't Forget It!

Did you put on your space suit today? Moon explorers wear space suits to protect them, like armor. You've read about King Arthur and his knights who rode forth centuries ago with their armor on. They wouldn't go far from home without their armor. There are all kinds of armor. In the Bible Paul says we should put on "the breastplate of faith and love." I Thess. 5:8;

The Bible tells us the giant, Goliath, wore a metal breastplate. It was a vest of mail—which meant it had metal scales like fish scales. But it didn't really help him. David, the shepherd boy, wouldn't wear this type of armor when he fought Goliath. What he wore was stronger than Goliath's breastplate of mail. He was clothed in God's protecting armor. His thoughts were pure. In the Christian Science Sunday School we have learned that our real armor—just like David's—is God's love.

Following the Trends of Truth
March 12, 1977

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