Don't Be Afraid of Your Spouse

Marriage was considered such a vital subject by Mrs. Eddy that she devoted an entire chapter to it in Science and Health. Although the message of this chapter has far-ranging significance regardless of one's marital status, she addresses specific counsel here to the partners in a marriage agreement—counsel both wise and practical, gently aiming thought in purer and more spiritual directions. She deals thoughtfully with points that especially relate to the individual needs and concerns of both husband and wife. Recognizing individuality within the unity of marriage, she writes, "Fulfilling the different demands of their united spheres, their sympathies should blend in sweet confidence and cheer, each partner sustaining the other,—thus hallowing the union of interests and affections, in which the heart finds peace and home." Science and Health, p. 59; Surely an ideal goal.

Problems may arise when we permit ourselves to drift along depending upon a marriage partner to bring fulfillment, security, income, or comfort to our lives.

From the Directors
February 19, 1977

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