I am profoundly grateful for the blessings my family and I have...

I am profoundly grateful for the blessings my family and I have received when we have earnestly applied the teachings of Christian Science. I grew up in a Christian Science home, and I have the happiest memories of a childhood filled with love, and freedom from many illnesses considered common to children. Our own three children have, in turn, had freedom from these beliefs.

A precious proof of God's protecting presence is cause for deep gratitude. Our oldest son took a course in chemistry during his sophomore year in high school. On this particular occasion he asked for and was given a glass jar of powdered chemicals used to make flares, such as one would set on a highway to alert motorists to a disabled vehicle. He and a friend planned to combine these chemicals with powder his friend's family used in their swimming pool, and were going to ignite them in a vacant field near our home. They told no one of their plan and did not realize how combustible these chemicals are when combined. Before heading for the field, the boys mixed the powders in the jar; our son put the container in the side pocket of his jeans. Before they even left the driveway the jar exploded, knocking him off his bike. His jeans caught fire and his friend had the wisdom to roll him in the grass to put out the flames.

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August 2, 1975

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