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Following the Plow

From the August 2, 1975 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Do you have a deep desire to accomplish a right thing but, try as you may, you are unable to bring it about? Perhaps you need to back of! and reassess the situation. Ask yourself: Is my motivation for this thing derived from God, immortal Mind, the only source and substance of all that is truly right and good? Or is this desire based on the false supposition of mortal mind, characterized by willful human ambition and human outlining? A sound test for determining if one is being led by God's good will or pushed by human will is to ask, "Do I love and trust God, Spirit, enough that I would be just as happy and content if this desire were not fulfilled? Can I honestly say, as Christ Jesus did, "Not my will, but thine, be done," Luke 22:42 ; knowing that God's way is the way of greatest blessing for all concerned? Jesus taught and practiced obedience to the law of immortal Truth.