Shine Inside

Have you ever watched storm clouds break? At first great piles of clouds, heavy and black, are tinged with little streaks of light. A shot of brightness glimmers, then more and more. Clouds scatter in the wind, and soon the radiance of sunshine glistens on a rain-drenched earth. There is a kind of triumphant glory when the sun's full brightness breaks through.

Like the breaking up of a rainstorm is the breaking up of some of earth's other storms—its sicknesses, sins, sorrows. It takes the dynamics of all-knowing Mind, and the steadfast shining of Soul's penetration, to dissolve the sometimes vivid threats of mortal mind's aggressive pictures of sickness, sin, disaster, poverty. Yet these claims of error are, in reality, clouds of mortal mind, which can be dispersed by the healing action of Truth, Life, and Love, declared and realized.

Proving that Our Faith Brings Healing
July 26, 1975

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