God Is Right Here!

(as told to her grandmother)

Mommy was driving Laurel and me home from the swimming pool. We had to leave early because the radio said there was going to be a tornado! On the way home it got black outside. There were big flashes of lightning and the thunder sounded real close to us. The rain was so hard Mommy couldn't see through the windshield. The wind was pushing our car around and we were scared. Laurel and I kept hiding our heads under a blanket every time it lightninged. We were scrunched way down on the seat. We were really scared! I think Mommy was scared, too.

Then I remembered something my Sunday School teacher said about God. God isn't somebody way off. He's right here all the time, and He's always good. I pulled my head out from under the blanket and said, "Hey, what are we scared about? God's right here!"

My Favorite Bible Verse
July 26, 1975

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