Before I was married, and while living with my parents, I had...

Before I was married, and while living with my parents, I had to stay home from work when a lump developed in my throat. It became impossible for me to eat normally, and I was in bed for about ten days. During this time a Christian Science practitioner gave me treatment through prayer. My parents allowed no fearful thoughts to enter the home, although I learned later that my mother had had an operation on her throat for this condition before she learned of this healing religion. We all expected a healing, and I held to the fact I had learned in a Christian Science Sunday School that I was always God's perfect child.

One morning I realized clearly that there is a dividing line separating all the good and pure from all that is bad. As God is good and All-in-all, there is no bad—there is nothing to put on the reverse side of the line. I could see this as clearly as if it were written on the wall. I was conscious of the truth of Mrs. Eddy's statement on page 505 of Science and Health: "Understanding is the line of demarcation between the real and unreal." With this enlightened thought the lump in my throat came away immediately. Within a few days I was back at work, completely well. I was grateful for the love and prayerful help I received, and for an increased understanding of God's all-power.

Testimony of Healing
Some time ago an error was bothering me
July 5, 1975

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