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When Mrs. Eddy discovered the Science of being—Christ's Christianity in its scientific statement—and offered it to the world in the textbook, Science and Health, it was as though she had lifted the lid from a vast chest of treasures, allowing them to escape to the farthest reaches of the earth. This book is no mere expounding of personal theories. Mrs. Eddy speaks of herself as a scribe under orders (see Miscellaneous Writings, p. 311). She knew this Science to be the Word of God and she never lost sight of this fact. She writes: "In the words of St. John: 'He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.' This Comforter I understand to be Divine Science." Science and Health, p. 55;

Science and Health has the quality of eternal freshness. Although it was published a hundred years ago, it's a very young book. Indeed it's timeless. The spiritually dynamic ideas it introduces of God, man, creation—coordinate as they are with Bible truths—never drop to the level of the mundane, the monotonous, the creed-bound. These ideas are clothed with joy and purpose; they are so impelling, one turns spontaneously to the book for inspiration and guidance.

Free Expression
July 5, 1975

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