Business Is Love

"You're kidding! Are you suggesting that what business and industrial enterprise people engage in is brotherly love?" Such a comment in response to the title of this article may well describe a feeling some people have toward everyday business methods, often appearing to be selfish and sometimes downright dishonest. But accurately viewed, the desire to share a good idea, a useful service or a needed product, either in manufacturing or distribution, can be seen as primarily stemming from an unselfish motive.

It's also true, and many successful businessmen will bear me out, that the more dedicated they have become in meeting the needs of their customers, the more successful their businesses. The Golden Rule taught by Christ Jesus, "All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them," Matt. 7:12; is as applicable to business as to every other facet of living. When we see that man is really spiritual, the likeness of God, divine Principle, or Love, we are able to follow this precept and to gain the full blessings inherent in it. Seeing clearly this truth in regard to ourselves and others, we are guided to do the right and worthy thing and to do well in our human activity, or business. Dishonesty, greed, and selfish aggressiveness have no power to influence or control us when we see that they are erroneous—no part of our true expression of God.

Purity Is Power
April 28, 1973

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