Understanding Spiritual Substance Heals

One of the healing thoughts Christian Science conveys is the indestructible nature of spiritual substance. Spirit and spiritual substance fill all space in God's universe. As we realize this, material discords vanish.

Why does Christian Science stress the unreality of matter? Mrs. Eddy's arresting words in Miscellaneous Writings suggest a splendid answer: "We learn somewhat of the qualities of the divine Mind through the human Jesus. The power of his transcendent goodness is manifest in the control it gave him over the qualities opposed to Spirit which mortals name matter."Mis., p. 199;

God, divine Spirit, is the only reality. Any problem in individual or world experience involves the belief that matter is real, desirable, or a determining factor of life or health. But Christian Science teaches that matter is not the solid substance it appears to be. It is limitation forged by indulging "the qualities opposed to Spirit." Knowing this, one begins overcoming those erroneous traits. Only through such overcoming will we ever demonstrate health, freedom, and completeness in unlimited degree.

Jenny's Purple Dress
January 27, 1973

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