Just What Is Identity?

What is back of the unrest of these times? Could it not basically be a search for a more satisfying sense of what identity truly is, what cause is? Christian Science has the full answer for any sincere seeker, and this answer is not too difficult for anyone to find. Did not the Master, Christ Jesus, say that we will be filled if we hunger for righteousness? (See Matt. 5:6.) What is righteousness, essentially, but right thinking?

Reason is a very active constituent of thought. Deep, spiritual reasoning can bring one to a realization of his identity as based on something far beyond matter. Christian Science makes possible truly scientific investigation and inspired awakening to absolute reality.

If someone asked you about a close friend of yours, you might say that he is young or old, tall or short, light or dark, but for the most part would not your description involve, qualities he expresses? Try it. You might say that your friend is kind, patient, totally honest, lighthearted, intelligent, and the like. Now what does this imply? Does it not imply that for the most part people discern identity from the mental, rather than physical, point of view?

Understanding Spiritual Substance Heals
January 27, 1973

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