Last Week in Europe

London held intriguing possibilities for Kris's last week in Europe. She had plans for seeing at least three musicals, a Shakespearean production, and the Royal Ballet. Why, then, was she sitting in the back of quiet and dignified St. Paul's Cathedral blinking back tears of confusion?

Traveling alone had seemed such a good idea at first, but after two months of casual and transient friendships, Kris was ready to talk to someone close. But who or where? She certainly didn't have the money for a transatlantic call to her parents or a friend at school. And where could she find a traveling companion at this late date?

Also, looming in the corner of her mind, was the question of what to do after returning to the States. Kris had come to Europe to give herself time to make a decision, but now the period of grace was almost over and she still didn't know what to do.

Resting While on the Go
July 22, 1972

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