In May of 1953, my first testimony appeared in the Sentinel

In May of 1953, my first testimony appeared in the Sentinel. Since then there have been many more proofs of God's loving care.

We have applied an understanding of God's law with cattle, in healing milk fever in dairy cows, and with bad cuts, which were healed instantly by our prayerful metaphysical work.

One Sunday we had gone to church. On returning home we found ants had taken possession of our kitchen. Neither of us said a word. We just went into the bedroom, changed our clothing, went back to the kitchen, and there was not an ant to be seen. This was because, while on our way through the kitchen, we had prayed to see God's universe, in which one idea does not prey upon another. Also there were cutter bees, a small bee that cuts the leaves of fruit trees. A daughter-in-law and I had gone out into the orchard. There we saw these little bees at work. She, not being a Christian Scientist, said, "You had better get these trees sprayed, or you are not going to have any leaves left on the trees." I said not a word, but was declaring the truth of a friendly universe of Mind, in which the trees and bees are God's ideas, and one does not destroy the other. I never saw any more bees as pests. The ninety-first Psalm is a great help in any situation that may need immediate attention.

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July 22, 1972

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