When I was a baby, my mother was healed of a physical problem...

When I was a baby, my mother was healed of a physical problem through Christian Science treatment; so I have had the privilege of this precious truth for many years.

A number of years ago a very unpleasant condition manifested itself on the palm of one of my hands. Before I realized it, this eruption had spread to both hands and was most painful. It became almost impossible for me to put my hands in water. The condition did not seem to yield to Christian Science treatment, and finally my husband, who is not a Christian Scientist, insisted that I have the condition diagnosed. Wisdom bade me comply with his wishes to ease his worry and fear. Before going to the dermatologist, I realized that nothing could be found in man except perfection, and this assurance remained with me. After examination the doctor admitted that he had no idea what the condition might be and suggested that it might be an allergy of some kind and that it would disappear when I went away for the summer. This did not prove to be the case. In fact, the picture worsened, and the autumn found me quite miserable.

March 30, 1968

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