A College Student Writes

The Folly of Procrastination

Paul's admonition to his young friend Timothy, "Be instant in season, out of season,"II Tim. 4:2; has direct application to the college student. It holds before him the counterfact for procrastination, a thief of time. Putting off until tomorrow what should be done today robs one of initiative and fulfillment. A Spanish proverb strikes the keynote to this lethargic state of thought: "By the street of 'By and By' one arrives at the house of Never."

Procrastination, as Christian Scientists see it, is neither of God nor of the real man. It is a false belief that must be countered and destroyed. God is the only directing power. This fact can help every student whose career has been hampered by procrastination.

Be a Good Listener!
December 14, 1968

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