Light in the Darkness

An advertisement dealing with scientific research appeared in a magazine some time ago predicting some startling applications of natural science to problems of light and sight. The text stated that "scientists expect that airplane pilots are going to be able to see the ground clearly on a cloudy, moonless night. Astronomers will be able to see vastly beyond the present range of their telescopes, perhaps to the final boundary of the universe, if there is one.... Scientists... are working on the proposition that no matter how dark it looks to us, there is plenty of 'light' everywhere: on a black night, in a coal mine, in a sealed room. We just have the wrong kind of eyes to see it all."

An even more fundamental proposition has been set forth within the past century. This is the declaration to the world that no matter how dark life may look to one who believes himself a distressed, struggling mortal, there is plenty of Love's healing radiancy everywhere to be discerned through spiritually enlightened thought. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes, "Divine Science, the Word of God, saith to the darkness upon the face of error, 'God is All-in-all,' and the light of ever-present Love illumines the universe." Science and Health, p. 503; This is the healing message of Christian Science to a troubled world today.

August 12, 1967

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