Higher Motives Lead to Success

[For young adults]

If a student at a college or university is dissatisfied with his progress, he will find it helpful to check up on his motives. Motives stir people into action and have a definite effect on results. He could ask himself, "Why do I do certain things?" When he has found out what his motives are, he may find that he lacks progress because his motives are not high enough. He may find that to progress in worthwhile directions he needs a higher aim than human success.

Moral motives such as honesty, goodwill, and temperance are desirable and beneficial, but the student needs to spiritualize his objectives to bring his experiences into conformity with God's law and thus benefit from it. The spiritual motive to discover and express true identity is needed to gain dominion over human situations. This means to know the truth that everything everywhere is actually spiritual and perfect right now and that one's true selfhood, the reflection of infinite Spirit, divine Love, already knows this.

Humility with Dignity
August 12, 1967

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