Living in the Midst of Mind

Everyone, whether he realizes it or not, is living in the midst of divine Mind, God. He is surrounded by his native element, as a fish is surrounded by the sea, and his native element is Mind. The sea is over, under, around the fish, which is supported and nourished by the sea and is at home in it. And so it is with man, God's child, who, according to Christian Science, is not a material mortal but the spiritual, immortal idea of Mind. Mind embraces, hence surrounds, its idea, supports it, nourishes it. And man can never be taken out of his home in Mind, or Spirit.

To people unaccustomed to Christian Science teachings, God may seem far away, up in the heavens or somewhere out in space; in any case, separate from mankind. But actually, even humanly speaking, no one exists apart from Mind. The very fact that we live is proof of our real existence in Mind, which is Life itself. While we cannot see God, cannot cognize Him through the physical senses, we can know Him through spiritual sense, a faculty which every human being possesses.

What Is Sin?
August 12, 1967

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