I want particularly to express my gratitude for the spiritual progress...

I want particularly to express my gratitude for the spiritual progress accruing from a healing I experienced about two years ago. I had taken a spill off a motor scooter and, sliding on the pavement, had laid open the right side of my face. Since this happened right in front of a hospital, I was taken there. I refused medication and only allowed the nurse to wash my face with a mild soap, and then I was discharged.

After I came home I began to have chest pains, which made breathing very difficult, and I suspected I had broken or dislocated some ribs. I called a practitioner, and we both worked to know the truth. On the third day it seemed I had not improved in the least; the pain was as agonizing as ever. However, when I picked up the receiver to report to the practitioner and heard her voice, I expressed gratitude for her work and the completeness of it and said I thought it was all right to discontinue treatment. Later, before going to work, when thinking of what I had said to the practitioner, I asked myself, "How could you have said that?" I took the Christian Science Hymnal and started singing all the hymns I had so far memorized; this I knew would help to keep discouragement from taking hold of me.

Testimony of Healing
I first learned of Christian Science in 1956
September 17, 1966

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