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For many years I held a position as a teacher of gymnastics and...

For many years I held a position as a teacher of gymnastics and sports, which was much more demanding than is usually the case with such a service. And besides taking care of my housework and my large garden, I was rearing three boys all alone. When I began this work, a doctor, at a compulsory examination, stated that I had heart disease. But through the spiritualization of my thought and the banishment of fear, which make it possible to eliminate human concepts such as weariness, overexertion, age, and other negative qualities, my vitality increased, and the condition of my heart became much better with the years. This improvement was also stated by the company doctor, who kept the records of the examinations I had to take over the years.

One day such severe pains developed in my back that it was impossible for me to lie on it, even for a little while. This recurred for three nights. During the day I was in my place and carried on my duties relatively free from pain, because then my thoughts did not have as much opportunity to occupy themselves with the body and its conditions. This Mrs. Eddy confirms when she states on page 261 of Science and Health, "If one turns away from the body with such absorbed interest as to forget it, the body experiences no pain."

September 17, 1966

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