Healing a Deep Discontent

The current discussion of the "God is dead" theology reveals a deep discontent with traditional theories regarding Deity and an earnest desire to challenge existing concepts and reach for new ones. The fact that such a pronouncement has caught the imagination of some groups shows a very basic hunger for something better. But this is not necessarily a new phenomenon. Job voiced it when he said, "Oh that I knew where I might find him!" Job 23:3;

One of the pertinent points in the many discussions about the nature of God is that rarely does anyone among the theologians refer to God as Spirit. In the preoccupation with matter as the basis of life and intelligence and the belief that man is, partially if not wholly, a material creation, men have lost sight of or perhaps have never really thought of God as Spirit. Spirit and matter are antithetic, and the reality of one uncovers the unreality of the other. Few are ready to challenge the reality of matter and prove the presence and the power of Spirit.

Prayer and the News
September 17, 1966

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