From Dream to Reality

We read in the Bible the command, "Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light." Eph. 5:14; Throughout the Scriptures materiality is likened to the sleep of death, for it is a false sense deadened to Truth.

Through the study of Christian Science we learn that material existence is a dream without foundation, validity, substance, or reality. Material illusions, resulting from the belief of mind in matter, constitute this dream. Mortal thought must be brought into conformity with the teachings of Science in order that the student may fully understand the unreal nature of material existence and overcome the dream.

Beginning with the sixth verse of the second chapter of Genesis we read an allegory which tells of the mist that went up from the ground and of man formed from dust. Later in the chapter we read of the deep sleep that fell upon Adam, during which woman was supposedly produced. Earthly mist and hypnotic dream-state combine in a counterfeit creation. But the first chapter of Genesis, the true record of creation, establishes the fact that creation is spiritual, complete, and wholly good. God is the only creator, and His creation is all-inclusive. Spirit's omnipotence and omnipresence preclude the possibility of any material creation. No awakening is needed for spiritual man, for he is ever aware of his true identity as the child of his Father-Mother God.

"The Jerusalem of Love and Truth"
July 23, 1966

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