The Chemistry of Christian Science

The objective of the physical scientist is to obtain a greater measure of order, rationality, and dominion in his view of the material universe. To the extent that intelligence is exercised in this direction, the sciences hint, in various degrees, the absolute Science of the all-knowing Mind, God. From this relationship arises the capability of the sciences to bring to humanity a broader sense of abundance, enlarged scope of action in time and space, and release from superstition, or supposition of power where it does not in fact reside.

Physical sciences deal primarily with observations of the material senses. However, to achieve some measure of rationality, it is necessary to accept concepts which transcend and reverse sense impressions, often to a surprising extent. For example, acceptance of the sun as the center of our planetary system was once a difficult task for human thought, because this fact seemed to oppose what anyone could see.

The Leaven "in three measures of meal"
March 20, 1965

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